Christos Tsapelas

Deep Learning, Machine Learning on Systems, Query Optimization

I am working as research associate at Athena Reasearch and Innovation Center, under the supervision of Dr. Georgia Koutrika. My research interests lie on the intersection of Machine Learning with Database Systems, especially on applications of Deep Learning for query optimization and applications of NLP on various assets of DBMS. Currently I am working for FAIR Core 4 EOSC project, responsible for NL search services over OpenAIRE Research Graph. I am working also as head teaching assistant for the Database Systems class, course of Data Science and Information Technologies program.

I received my MSc degree from Data Science & Information Technologies program, with a specialisation on Big Data & Artificial Intelligence, at the University of Athens, defending my thesis with title: "QPSeeker: An Efficient Neural Planner combining both data and queries through Variational Inference". Prior to that, I received my BSc degree in Computer Science from the same faculty, titled Pathlet Learning for Compressing and Planning Trajectories under the supervision of Dr. Dimitris Gunopoulos.
## News I participated on the first Archimedes Summer Programm 2022. Very grateful for this opportunity!
## Selected Work * [QPSeeker](/systems/qpseeker): An Efficient Neural Planner combining both data and queries through Variational Inference
## Related projects * [FAIR Core 4 EOSC](/projects/fc4eosc): Member of DARE Lab, working on the implementation of *NL search* systems over graph data.



  1. BigVis
    Natural Language Data Interfaces: From Keyword Search to ChatGPT, are we there yet?
    In Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Big Data Visual Exploration and Analytics co-located with EDBT/ICDT 2023 Joint Conference