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We are actively seeking individuals passionate about advancing research in the fields of Data Exploration, Databases, and Information Retrieval. Our interests extend to exploring the intersections of these fields with Algorithmic Fairness, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning in general.

MSc Thesis Projects

We offer a diverse spectrum of Master's thesis projects that provide students with the opportunity to work on impactful research at the forefront of Data Exploration, Databases, and Information Retrieval. By joining our lab for your thesis, you will gain valuable hands-on experience and mentorship in these cutting-edge fields.

Topics may encompass a range of areas, including, but not limited to, the development of machine learning algorithms for advanced data exploration, the application of deep learning methods for query optimization, the examination of fairness considerations in recommender systems, and the design of natural language search engines for more intuitive data retrieval.

PhD Opportunities

Our lab is always interested in recruiting highly motivated PhD candidates who are eager to conduct research that has both theoretical depth and practical relevance. As a PhD candidate, you will have the freedom to initiate and manage your own research projects under the supervision of experienced faculty.


Our lab welcomes opportunities for research collaborations with academic institutions, other research labs, and industry partners.

For questions related to any of the above opportunities or potential collaborations, please contact the lab's leader at: georgia [at] athenarc [dot] gr.