Intelligent Open Data Exploration

INODE is an EU-funded H2020 project with the core principle that users should interact with data in a more natural and dialogic manner, similar to a human conversation. The main objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive platform, Open Data Dialogue (ODD), that provides access to open datasets. We demonstrate ODD with three significant use cases in the fields of Cancer Biomarker Research, Research and Innovation Policy Making, and Astrophysics.

Try it out!   ODD is up and running; please feel free to test it against the CORDIS database (Research and Innovation Policy Making use case).

Our Involvement

DARE Lab’s role in this project is to develop tools for ODD. These tools aid users during data exploration and can be divided into the two categories listed below:

  • The Natural Language (NL) Services, which help the user in understanding SQL or SPARQL queries and query results by translating them into text. Under the INODE project, such services include eQsplain, Logos, and QR2T.

  • The Data Exploration Services, which take into account the current user context and generate query recommendations and additional results that provide the user with insights into the data set.