An intelligent data assistant system

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DatAgent allows users to ask queries in natural language, and can respond in natural language as well. Moreover, the system actively guides the user using different types of recommendations and hints, and learns from user actions. More detailed information about DatAgent can be found here.


Showcase of different exploration scenarios on our user interface.

Natural Language to SQL - SQL to Natural Language

Express queries in Natural Language:

  1. Ask a query in Natural Language.
  2. DatAgent returns an SQL interpretation of the given NL query, along with its corresponding NL explanation.
  3. Execute the query and view its results.
Not an SQL expert?

Find similar queries

Get query recommendations that alter the WHERE clause

Not satisfied with your current query?

Query Builder

Try a step-wise query building assistant recommending tables/columns/conditions.

Trouble exploring a complex database schema?

Key Persons