Database Systems Class

This course is part of the Data Science & Information Technologies Master's Program. The goal of this course is to enable students to understand the theory and techniques behind modern database systems. Students will learn about data storage and management, query optimization and execution, data access methods, modern data exploration and search approaches, and dive into cutting-edge technologies at the intersection of deep learning and database technologies. They will be able to understand the data ecosystem, from the database core going up to the user-facing search and exploration interfaces. They will be able to transfer this knowledge to become familiar with different database systems going forward. Core concepts, such as query cost optimization, are also valuable for learning to build efficient solutions and algorithms for any data problem or application.

Location: Athena Research Center

Database Concepts


  1. Introduction to DBMS, Relational Algebra, SQL
  2. Storage Management
  3. Execution Algorithms
  4. Query Optimization
  5. Query Execution
  6. Recovery System
  7. Integration of Deep Learning in DBMS
  8. Natural Language Data Interfaces
  9. Data Exploration
  10. NoSQL DBMSes